The standard fee per team is 9 thousand USD. If the same school registers both men’s and women’s team the second team will pay 6 thousand USD. The standard fee is for registration and the games played during the visit.

The travel cost fee per participant (player, coach, staff) is 1.500 USD. Included in the fee are flights to and from Iceland (only direct leg to and from Iceland), bus travel to and from the airport and for sight-seeing / leisure activities, hotel stay and breakfast, lunches and dinners during stay.

Registration ideally needs to be with six months’ or earlier before arriving in Iceland. Iceland is a popular tourist destination so hotels have to be booked with a good notice. We can work on arranging the games as well as housing and logistics in less timeframe to see if that works out.

Payments are divided into two, the standard fee when the school registers and then one month before arriving in Iceland. For inquires and registration please email us at: